Project Management Assistant



Junior college


Work Experience:

3-5 years


Number of Recruits:


Job Description

Work Content

1. Be responsible for project management, coordinate project initiation and project planning, track the implementation of departmental projects, assist the project manager to organize project-related meetings, issue meeting minutes, and promote the implementation and implementation of the company's relevant project management system;

2. Cooperate with sales to complete product application certification and update requirements;

3. Supervise the implementation of the R & D project management plan, regularly organize work reports, and supervise the implementation of the plan;

4. Cooperate with the project manager to complete the output and standardization of technical documents, and file the project output documents as required;

5, cooperate with the project manager to formulate and implement the norms and systems of project execution management, and improve the standardization and efficiency of project execution management;

6. Cooperate with the project manager to manage all the projects of the company, find out the problems and risks of the project, and put forward perfect system solutions for the problems and risks;

7, the implementation of other work arranged by the leadership, outstanding completion.


Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, major in management or Chinese is preferred;

2. systematic project management knowledge, project management experience and pmp certificate are preferred;

3, more than two years of relevant work experience, more than one year of project support work experience; Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered;

4. Quick thinking and good communication skills;

5, familiar with PPT, Word, Excel, Xmind and other office software;

6, strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility and ability to resist pressure.

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