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Job Description

Work content:

1, according to the company's performance objectives to develop sales plans;
2. Achievement of sales performance;
3. Expand and maintain customer relations (pay a return visit to customers, listen to their opinions, and make suggestions to the company in a timely manner);
4. Be responsible for communicating with customers about the problems arising from the cooperation between the two sides and seeking the best solution;
5, responsible for the price, contract, delivery, after-sales audit and tracking;
6. Review customer information, provide quotation, track product progress and make delivery plan;
7, return assessment and recommendations;
8, tracking sales orders, on schedule to recover the purchase price.


Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing, 18-30 years old;

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, with independent analysis and problem-solving ability, strong execution;

3. Have the subjective desire of self-development and self-learning ability, good communication skills and persuasion, strong ability to resist pressure;

4. More than one year of sales experience, or fresh graduates who have pursuit, dream and can bear hardships and stand hard work;

5. Sales experience in battery industry is preferred;

6, have a driver's license, can drive independently (hard requirement).

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