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Job Description

Job Description

1. Responsible for project initiation and project planning, tracking the implementation of departmental projects, organizing project-related meetings, issuing meeting minutes, and promoting the implementation and implementation of the company's relevant project management system;

2, promote the company's product certification training and implementation;

3. Supervise the implementation of the project management plan, regularly organize work reports, and supervise the implementation of the plan;

4. Complete the output of technical documents and standardized management, and file the project output documents as required;

5, the development and implementation of project implementation management norms, systems, improve the standardization and efficiency of project implementation management;

6, overall management of all projects of the company, found that there are problems and risks in the project, and can improve the problems and risks;

7, the implementation of other work arranged by the leadership, outstanding completion.


Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, management related major is preferred;

2. systematic project management knowledge, project management experience and pmp certificate are preferred;

3, more than two years of relevant work experience, more than one year of project support work experience;

4. Quick thinking and good communication skills;

5, familiar with PPT, Word, Excel, Xmind and other office software;

6, strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility and ability to resist pressure;

7, have a driver's license, can drive independently (hard requirement).

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